“OMG Machines”, “Greg Morrison SEO” and other terms associated with the OMG brand have become so well known and effective that people have started to take advantage of “negative marketing” for these type of search terms.

What people people do is basically rank web properties for things like “OMG Machines” or “Greg Morrison SEO” type stuff, bash the particular program people are looking for more information on, then recommend another program (which they make a commission on).

So just be aware of that; any time someone bashes a program or information you are looking for information on (whether OMG or any other program) and then recommends a DIFFERENT program, be very skeptical! They do this because they make money recommending the other program, and negative marketing works!

As we go into 2017, search engine optimization is definitely much different than it was many years ago. Just a few years ago you could basically fire a whole bunch of low quality links to a property with exact match anchor text and rank for just about whatever you want.

But Google has really improved over the years, finding ways to effectively fight spam (both optimization spam and link quality spam).

Of course as Google evolves, Greg Morrison SEO also evolves. Greg is one of the founders of OMG Machines, which is probably the most well known SEO and internet marketing training that is available online or offline.

Many people may ask, “what exactly is Greg Morrison SEO?” The best way to answer that, according to many students of OMG, is a simplified version of search engine optimization. Greg Morrison believes that many people in this business just make things too complicated, and that if you focus on a few of the most important factors you will have success.

The theory has proven to be pretty effective considering that OMG Machines has many hundred, if not now over a thousand, of testimonials and earnings reports from members that have implemented the OMG system.

Obviously the other OMG coaches have been extremely important. OMG Machines has a team that is really incredible because they seem to have an expert in every single area. Whether it’s “basic” SEO, technical SEO, client acquisition, client retention, reputation management, affiliate marketing, local, Amazon, or any other area of internet marketing…OMG has a coach that is an expert in the area.


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